Crewfit 35 USCG

Latest developments from Crewsaver’s continual programme of research and development brings you a traditionally designed lifejacket that incorporates modern day technology. The Crewfit 35 is a single-chamber lifejacket providing a minimum of 35lbs of buoyancy when inflated, it is compact and comfortable making it ideal for a myriad of users and environments.


•Provides a minimum of 35lbs of buoyancy when inflated
•Durable cover
•Easy to repack after inflation
•Form-fitting neckline allows for greater range of head movement
•Indicator window shows status of firing mechanism
•Velcro closure
•Built in inflatable chin support
•Webbing tidys
•Soft D-rings for attaching the safety harness on harness versions
•Can be fitted with a personal AIS device
•Light attachment point included in all lifejackets, essential if you are making a long voyage or night passage
•Supplied with an approved whistle
•Bladder turns you onto your back, supporting your head and helping keep your mouth out of the water
•Retro-reflective tape to improve visibility for rescue
•Halkey Roberts Alpha V90000 (automatic) 840 (manual) operating heads

  • Crewfit 35 Sport USCG
  • Crewsaver Crewfit 35 Commercial Work Vest