Seacrewsader 290N 3D sMRT

Designed for personnel operating offshore, the bespoke version of the established Seacrewsader 290N 3D has been developed alongside Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT) to accommodate the Sea Marshall AU9 and sMRT AU10 Personal Locator Beacons (PLB).

The bladder for this lifejacket positions both inflation mechanisms on one side to comfortably accommodate the sMRT PLB on the other. This, combined with the ergonomic Fusion 3D cover, results in a balanced and symmetrical profile to improve overall constant-wear comfort - leaving your workforce unhindered to move, work and perform.

Inspection zips have also been incorporated to each side of the lifejacket - allowing the sMRT PLB to be turned on/off and the inflation mechanisms to be checked without entirely opening the lifejacket. This allows personnel to take ownership of inspecting their inflation mechanisms before donning the lifejacket, to ensure the unit is action ready.


  • Inspection zips for smrt beacon and inflation mechanism access
  • Unique bladder distribution for constant wear comfort and in-water performance
  • Modular cover system - covers can be replaced if damaged
  • Foam padded cover for added protection
  • Can be used with a fall arrest harness