Crewsaver Rescue System


Our Crewsaver Rescue System includes the Crewfit 150N manual lifejacket, 150m safety line and quick release hook & strop all supplied in a compact holdall.

The system is designed to fully protect the rescuer at all times and they remain secured to the shore or vessel by a 150m floating safety line with a breaking strain of 500kg

This line attaches by a quick release hook to the Crewfit lifejacket. This is easy to swim in when deflated but can be inflated quickly and easily when required.

Upon reaching the casualty, the rescuer inflates the lifejacket and secures the casualty with a strop. Both the rescuer and casualty can then be pulled to safety.

  • Weighs just 7.6kg
  • Easy to store in high risk locations or on rescue vessels