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‘There have been improvements in all aspects of lifejacket design, but buoyancy is one of the most important. The Crewsaver Ergofit+ 190 was the clear winner in this department and was test winner for this reason. Its highly engineered bladder was a long way ahead of other makes for both rotation times and freeboard heights, providing a clear benefit to a casualty in the water’



Yacht - Preisleistungs-Tipp

‘Crewfit 180N Pro’s bladder design technology -‘ensures ideal position in the water’ 



Yacht online

‘With full score in function, good wearing comfort and a pleasing price, the Crewfit 180 Pro had secured the price-performance tip in the 150 Newton class in the last life jacket test.’



Alex Thomson Racing

‘Safety is something which is of paramount importance when we race. Survitec and Crewsaver have an unrivalled reputation in this space and, like us, they continue to push the boundaries when it comes to design and technology’ 

Alex Thomson, Sailor



Les sauveteurs en mer (SNSM)

‘Our only concern throughout this project was the SAFETY and COMFORT of our rescuers. We are grateful to our sponsor, TOTAL, without whom we could not have completed it, and to CREWSAVER who was able to meet our requirements’

Benjamin Serfati, Purchasing Director at Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer (SNSM)


Click to read more about how we worked with SNSM to develop bespoke SOLAS lifejackets to meet the specific needs of their operation.


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